Fetal Squirrel


Fetal Squirrel is a webcomic about growing up outside the womb. In his quest to become who he truly is, Fetal Squirrel adventures with two best friends: an immortal snowman and a stuffed rat with wheels.

This comic is written and illustrated by Damon Eckhoff and published on Mondays.

How do I contact you?

Email me:

Can I share Fetal Squirrel comics?

Yes, as long it is not for commercial reasons. Please share it with your friends, family and network. If you hot link to an image, please try to include a link back to the website. Please email if you are interested in a commercial relationship.

Who are you?

I'm an artist, software designer and generally an introspective guy. I grew up on a hay farm in rural Missouri and I've lived in Portland, Oregon since 2003.

Have you ever written a comic strip before?

I wrote my first comic strip in 6th grade. It was about my cat, Jeremy, and his experience as an elementary school teacher. It was very popular in the teacher's lounge. That was a while ago, and I'm back on the horse.

Who the heck is Fetal Squirrel?

That's a question that he's trying to answer for himself. He's exploring the world in search of adventure in the hopes of figuring out who he is. He's kind. He's squishy. He'd make a great friend. His two best friends are Mr. Snowman and Wheelie Rat.

Where did the idea for Fetal Squirrel come from?

One day I doodled him while brainstorming on a white board. I further explored the character while I attended the Pacific Northwest College of Art. Recently, after reading Steven Pressfield's The War of Art, I decided to make Fetal Squirrel into a comic strip.

How often is Fetal Squirrel published?

Every Monday at 12:00 am Pacific Time.

What's Other Comics From Around the Web about?

I use Comic Rocket to promote Fetal Squirrel. I've agreed to display promo banners from other comics, in exchange for other webcomics displaying promo banners for Fetal Squirrel. This service is free. This is an experimental feature. Please contact me if you see something inappropriate. I always want to keep Fetal Squirrel rated PG.

What are your major influences?

Hour and hours of watching The Kids in the Hall. Also: Bencartoon, Calvin and Hobbes, The Far Side, Heathcliff, XKCD, The Perry Bible Fellowship, Hyperbole and a Half, Henri Matisse, Gaylen Hansen, Joan Brown.

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