Fetal Squirrel
October 2018 News: Fetal Squirrel is still on break. I spent the last three months remodeling my studio space and just finished at the end of October. So, I'm gearing up to begin working on the next installment of Fetal Squirrel. I have the episode outline and will begin writing on my Thanksgiving break. I've been missing it!


A Squirrel is Born

Episode 3 — A Squirrel is Born

After meteorites rained down and the Big Tree was born, Fetal Squirrel came into this world.

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Big Tree Planet

Episode 2 — Big Tree Planet

Long ago there was a planet covered in trees taller than mountains.

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Finding Happiness

Episode 1 — Finding Happiness

Fetal Squirrel and Mr. Snowman go on a quest to find happiness.

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