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Can My Work Make Me Happy?

Jun 26, 2017

Dear Newsletter Friends,

How is your summer kicking off? Maybe you’re in a different hemisphere so it’s your winter? Some days I’m not sure which hemisphere I’m in.

It’s been a busy few months and I’ve been thinking...

When I was 11 years old, I made my first comic strip. It was about my Grumpy Gus of a cat, Jeremy. I cast him as an elementary school teacher lamenting the daily struggle of the classroom. He was dealing with grading papers, spit-balls fights, and of course recess!

The comic strip had a short run, but I hear it was very popular in the teacher lounge. Most importantly, I truly enjoyed making it.

Decades later, as I now work on Fetal Squirrel, I realize that I feel the same joy I experienced as an 11-year-old boy. It is something that I truly love to do.

Yes, at first, my drawing skills were rusty, which caused me some consternation. But, once I got past that, the feelings of engagement were right there ready to go. They were patiently waiting for me to pick up the pen and start creating comics again.

Initially, I thought, “creating Fetal Squirrel is making me so happy!”

But after some careful thinking, I asked myself, “how could a pen, pencil and a few sheets of paper make me do anything?” I’m mean, really?

Those feelings of joy and happiness are happening inside of me. Fear and frustration happen inside of me. I own them. I am responsible for their ebb and flow.

Creative work is hard. Sometimes I avoid it. I grab a muffin or an extra cup of coffee and stall. I stall and stall and stall. I stall so long that I forget that the antidote to stalling, is simply sitting down and doing the work.

Once I remember to do that, it’s simple.

All it requires is effort and a growth mindset. This is my favorite form of effort—the only form that can connect me to my favorite emotion which is already inside me… joy.

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Until Next Time
Have a lovely rest of June and keep moving forward in all that you do. Take the time to treat others with kindness and respect. Spread the love.

Take care,

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