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I'm Giving It My Best 75%

Mar 27, 2017

Hello fellow Humans,

Happy Spring! I am well. How are you?

I am writing to you today to let you know that I am giving my artwork my best 75%.

When I say this I mean:

  1. I have a finite amount of creative energy
  2. I need to keep energy in reserve for when I need to stretch and explore
  3. I must always improve so that my 75% is at a level to produce quality work

This month, I’m excited to mention that I'm working to improve my 75% by learning new joke writing skills! I even bought a book. So far I have written several terrible puns.

The intent is to make Fetal Squirrel funnier, but it's coming at a cost. Other areas of the work are starting to suffer as I spend a big chunk of my 75% on learning how to write better jokes.

I'm reminded of a quote:

“We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.”
― Archilochus
From experience, I know that if a piece that I’m creating requires nearly 100% of my energy, then I have either undertrained, or I am acquiring a new skill. In an endeavor such as a weekly webcomic, I have to budget my energy wisely or risk putting out mediocre work. Every week I have to deliver the best quality that I can.

I’m working on developing the patience and commitment it will take to make my 75% to be better. I ask, what could I do today to make my work 1% more alive? What would make my words 1% more succinct?

Maybe you are posing these questions to yourself? If you are, I hope you find the answer and share your work!

Please check out the March 27th issue of Fetal Squirrel.  It's the best 75% that I published today.  

Fetal Squirrel and Mr. Snowman recently stumbled upon an unexpected form of happiness. What are they going to find this week? Hopefully, some better jokes, but that’s to be determined.

Until next time, I'll be here joyfully struggling with Fetal Squirrel trying to make every square inch of my work better and better.

I'll be giving it my best 75%.



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