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Find Courage to Share Your Work

Feb 6, 2017

Hello Human, Robot or Hybrid:

(I only mention robots, because after reviewing my newsletter subscription list, I found that several bots have been smart enough to sign up and I want to be inclusive.)

Okay, I’m writing to tell you that last month I started publishing Fetal Squirrel and this month I’m still publishing. I'm telling you this because I'm in the process of learning to trust myself to put work out there.

In the past I have let myself and others down by not following through. I have created work and then disappeared. Things have come up. Time has passed. Art was not published.

Today, the artmaking is going well, but I feel rusty and impatient.

I want the work to be good — now.

Putting work out into the world is hard. It's vulnerable and lonely. It's a struggle.

I have to remind myself that skill level progresses like this:

  1. You are not good
  2. You spend time and you get better
  3. You spend even more time and you get better
  4. You spend an entire lifetime and you see that there is still road to cover

And so on...

Recently, I devoured a book by Ryan Holiday titled: The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Adversity to Advantage. In it, Holiday shares the stoic perspective on turning obstacles into opportunity. I learned much from this book and am reminded of a simple quote from it:

“Think progress, not perfection.”

Making Fetal Squirrel is a learning curve for me. It is difficult and tedious at times, and yet I love it. I love the process. I love the fact that my work is imperfect and there are ink splotches here and there. I love that I need to grow as a human being in order to make the comic better. I have to find the courage to publish it.

I love that I get to share it with you!

And with that, I want to let you know that Fetal Squirrel #6 is now available on the website.

Fetal Squirrel and Mr. Snowman are making progress on their quest for happiness. It’s slow going, but they take time to find joy in the world. If you haven’t been keeping up, I suggest going back to the beginning to catch up. If you have, then I feel honored.

In either case, I hope you come to it with an open and vulnerable heart.

I hope you do the work to bring what you long to bring to the world.
I hope you find the courage to share it, rendering us your loving fans.
I hope these words strike a chord in you lifting you up out of your seat and send you out into the world.

Much love,


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